Daystar University Makes History By Graduating 300 Channah Women On Mission: Walking In The Light Of Pentecost

By Wangari V.A.L. I June 01, 2023 I 10 – 15 minutes read

Event Images Courtesy of: Daystar University Kenya/DLPDI Team/2023 Cohort

Akawaambia, “Mavuno ni mengi lakini wafanya kazi ni wachache, kwa hiyo mwombeni Bwana wa mavuno awapeleke wavunaji zaidi katika shamba lake. – Luka 10:2 


With peace, stability and faith in unity, fifteen years of careful planning and application have enabled us to achieve much. …

Let us continue together in the noble task of promoting social and economic change, defending our rightful heritage and always ready to extend goodwill to others. Time has proved that the preservation of human dignity in freedom, creates and preserves peace, stability and unity.”  ADDRESS BY H.E. THE PRESIDENT MZEE JOMO KENYATTA, C.G.B., M.P., ON THE OCCASION OF MADARAKA DAY, 1978 – Source kippra.or.ke   

At the Daystar University Valley Road Campus in Nairobi, Kenya, on May 26, 2023, Vice Chancellor Professor Laban P. Ayiro Graduated Over 300 Channahs “Pastor’s Wives.”

The course name “Channah Leadership Development Programme” was a wise choice. For the graduating queens, the relationship with Daystar University henceforth “as alumni’, a distant memory just as for Hannah in the Bible; many accustomed to their significant other positioning in day-to-day mission life. 

Graduating in the spotless ‘Daystar University – Daystar Leadership & Professional Development Institute Channah’ branded ivory white graduation sashes was not only a surprise gift but also the cherry. A cherry for the daily marathon of ten hours over four days!

Wow! It must’ve been a dream not to wake up from for most. Being dressed in the graduation sash by the Senate members, having one’s certificate handover and a personal photo taken with the university vice chancellor, and a handshake with their role model guest lady of the day. 

It was all about the graduation experience over the background cheers from peers. The ladies sashayed to the podium down the runway of camera clicks and cheers, as their names were called out one by one. If only such breath-taking moments—moments as sweet as the murmur of a loved one; such melting moments—occurred more frequently in life, they would defeat the allure of dark chocolate. This for sure would ‘lead to world peace’.

The graduation ceremony was the high point of the week deserving of a crown. A silver crown for the chuckles, giggles and laughter. A golden crown for the sighs, tears and sobs. A sapphire crown for the friendship ties, sisterhood and newest cohort members. Holy Spirit-inspired epiphanies, brain wave awakenings, and through the “aha” moments.

The Anglican Church of Kenya’s Reverend Canon Dr. Rosemary Mbogo spoke at the colourful certification ceremony. The ceremony was graced by members of the University Senate, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academics, Research, and Student Affairs, the Registrar, and the University Chaplain. In addition, senior university faculty members, administrative staff, assisting students, and family members of the programme participants.

The 4-Day Channah Leadership Development Programme

The four-day programme intended for the pastor’s wives included Lady (She) Pastors. The Daystar Leadership & Professional Development Institute (DLPDI), whose programmes are designed to “equip you to operate at your full potential,” organised it.

Covering eleven topics, academic staff, expert trainers, and guest speakers taught the course through lectures. It was organised around a daily core thematic area, a panel discussion sharing experiences at close of the day, and hospitality breaks. Channah’s Calling; Public Speaking and Group Dynamics; Bible and Doctrine Survey; and Counselling and Contemporary Issues were the thematic areas covered.

The course was given under the direction of the Institute Director Professor Abraham Waithima, along with Reverend Jane Irungu and the DLPDI administrative team. Funded by international sponsorship partners, the course was offered at a nominal tuition fee. This support undoubtedly came at the right time, was well accepted, and helped flood the university gates with the women witnessed.

“Channah, favoured of God. 

Full of graciousness.” 

– Professor Abraham Waithima

This financial sponsorship without a doubt, shifted the financial energy in a favourable direction for the women. Cushioning the potential load of participation expenses for such a programme in the capital city; tuition, logistics, and living expenses. Not to mention making lighter the family bargain and trade-offs, and ultimate economic decision to take part fully and more so cheerfully.

Manifested by enabling over 300 women leaders from counties across Kenya showing up with greater ease. In order to enrol in the leadership course offered by a university that equips Christian women. Certainly (em)powering them. In the hustle and bustle of the capital city, we would presume such a beeline of women as a week-long women’s business, social, or political convention. 

According to the Director Professor Waithima, the DLPDI had since opened enrollment for the next recommended course. Structured as a dialogue for all church leaders. The ‘Church Leadership & Governance Dialogue’, organised by DLPDI Daystar with the Institute of Certified Secretaries and several Church Umbrella bodies, was scheduled for July 12–14.

“…until the day dawn 

and the DAYSTAR arise in your hearts.” 

– 2 Peter 1:19

In the module on “Personal Financial Management” with Professor Wairima, the drumming message to the women leaders was on one’s responsibility as a leader; “Take care of your financial outcome. It is your business!” The Channa training laid emphasis on self-leadership first as a foundation. 

Foundation On The Right Perspective of God

The Distinguished Guest Speaker at the Channah graduation was Reverend Canon Dr. Rosemary Mbogo. A familiar, well-liked, and esteemed female leader in Kenya. She assumed leadership of the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) from 2012 to 2018 and served as the first woman elected Chairperson in the NCCK’s history. In 2023, she retired from her position as the Anglican Church of Kenya’s Provincial Secretary.

Reverend Canon Dr. Rosemary reminded the graduating class in her message that God moulds each person for the task. She went in depth on the significance of the foundations.

 “Getting the right perspective of God 

is paramount in any ministry.” 

– Reverend Canon Dr. Rosemary Mbogo

Reverend Canon Dr. Rosemary, a prolific author whose works were available to the graduates published her fourth book, “Resolving Marital Conflicts” in 2023, and has since devoted herself to the ministry of the family. Channahs stepping up as the leaders they are in setting locally relevant agendas may borrow a fine leaf from here. Our conflicted society, nation, and world; homes, communities, and churches would do with more peacemakers

Women Peacemakers Regenerating Trust In Conflict

During the second day, the course addressed conflict. Underlining the opportunity of the women leaders as peacemakers in households, communities, and churches. This occurred in the Vice Chancellor Professor Ayiro’s lecture in the module on trust in “Group Dynamics and Conflict Management”. Underscoring the instrumental place of the vulnerability factor as leaders.

As part of his graduation message; spiritual and intellectual dispatches titled “Meant for Evil, Used For Good”, the Vice Chancellor Professor Laban P. Ayiro invited the graduates to seek for a “Joseph moment”. A take-home copy of the full message was gifted to each graduating leader for further reflection on the dispatches. Pointing out that there had been no sign of emotion by Joseph throughout the escapades. Joseph had never responded until…

“By Joseph, I’m referencing the biblical character – Abraham’s great grandson – who was the second youngest of 12 brothers. Although favored by his father, 

he was hated by his brothers, who sold him as a slave to Egypt. 

(What a great family, huh?).”

– Professor Laban P. Ayiro

When Joseph encountered his brothers, Joseph wept; ‘mercy’ won. At that point, he was the all powerful and mighty, second in charge in the nation. He expressed forgiveness for his brothers misadventures by saying, “You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.” Well encapsulated in hymns on the marvels of the Almighty.

“From dark clouds we get precious water;

From dark mines we get valuable jewels;

And from our darkest trials come our best blessings from God.”

Professor Ayiro implored the graduating Channahs to be mindful of the intensity capable of “consuming our thoughts and actions for months” when dealing with betrayals, injuries, and hurts. A worthwhile paradigm considering that this journey of life together with the saints in our company, is too short.

“I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Joseph wrestled with those same feelings. 

At some point, however, he was able to rise above those wrestling’s, forgiving those who wronged him and seeing God’s fingerprints in their actions, despite how terrible they were. And I began to realise the other day, getting glimpses of God’s fingerprints in the difficulties of life puts a whole new perspective on things.” 

– Professor Laban P. Ayiro

Reciting the poem “He Maketh No Mistake” by the twentieth-century minister A. M. Overton, the Vice Chancellor, in closing, inspired the all-female graduation cohort. 

Things we think are mistakes, are really just the plot twists 

to make the good seem all the more delightful and surprising when it comes. 

– Professor Laban P. Ayiro

Keeping to the tempo of the training, the Vice Chancellor encouraged the graduates to seek the surprises and delights of God’s ways. Achievable by focusing on the light. 

Walking In The Light of Pentecost

The world is stumbling in search of the leading light today. Despite bridging time and space with the scientific and technological advancements, the innovation and entrepreneurship opportunity, and the collective intellect and artificial intelligence. Still, searching for the leading light.

While glorified by its digital speed, the world gasps in despair. Making slow progress and achieving sporadic victories. In a cutthroat society where people compete for human gratification, effort, and achievement. The casualty, price paid by biodiversity ‌and humanity’s urgent needs that are particularly being met rather slowly. ​​In need of a new breath of leadership. 

The Church of Christ has trotted along for too long. Struggling while battling in this world that is also hurting. The misrepresentation of Christ; the abundance of talented but ineffectual Christians working for the church; and the average Christian with low standards, low defences, and low morale are all examples of this. The oxymoron; Church, a light, struggling in the world’s darkness.

“When the Day of Pentecost had fully come, there were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven, as a rushing mighty wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting. Then there appeared to them divided tongues of fire, as of fire, and one sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak with other tongues, 

as the Holy Spirit gave them utterance.” 

Acts 2:1-4

Fortunately, we know that this worldly struggle is not a real portrayal of Christ. Christians already benefited from the atoning blood of our LORD Jesus, who has made atonement for our sins. Removing the burden of the yoke. Thus, the Church of Christ is abounding with the real leaders to lead authoritatively in all spheres of society. 

A Healthy, Vital and Joyous Authoritative Woman God Can Use

Today’s forward-looking women centred programmes, whether corporate, diplomatic, or business, speak authoritatively to the woman’s harmonious foundation; health, vitality, and joy.

As the Channa Programme leads more women towards the Proverbs 31 ‘Virtuous Woman’, ​​future sessions and advanced levels create opportunities to delve deeper with inclusion of new and broader thematic elements. In areas such as nutrition and fitness and character development. In addition, bite-size DIY ministry approaches.

‘She’ is described as complex; “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Yet, frequently she may skim over her unseens. Even at creation, “God saw that it was good.” 

With a natural nutrition and fitness specialist, a basic yet educational investigation of the interrelated female anatomy (primary biology chart) would work like magic. She has been credited with a complicated physiology and oscillating makeup. A makeup that seems to take over the lives of even the best of women across generations, ages, and status. 

Positive psychology advocates for developing positive character. Imparting the awareness, language, and practices based on character strengths in this volatile society is imperative. Character, positive character strengths specifically, is an interconnected secret to living in bodily, mental, and emotional harmony. 

Women on mission bring diverse gifts useful to society. What about practical ways to innovate in the vast mission field based on the local community needs? As caring and empowering advocates, mobilising for economic and social justice. 

“God said, ‘Let us make man in our own image, in the likeness of ourselves, and let them be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven, the cattle, all the wild animals and all the creatures that creep along the ground.’ God created man in the image of himself, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them. God blessed them, saying to them, ‘Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters of the fish of the sea, the birds of heaven and all the living creatures that move on earth.’ 

– Genesis 1: 26-28

A focus on natural DIY—do-it-yourself at home—practical methods that cater to the woman’s lifestyle and her family’s requirements would be a plus. Offering workable alternatives to some widely publicised procedures. 

For instance, out of observational research, I contend that a woman who gets ‘enough’ sleep would “lead to world peace” in the house, and consequently be more valuable in her vocation and contribute to a vibrant local community. 

There are low-cost, self-catering, and gratifying strategies to becoming a healthy, vital and joyous woman. For instance, merely being aware of one’s make-up such as circadian rhythms (your body’s own cycle of sleep and wakefulness) helps in vitality all day long. 

Others include utilising home-grown or produced herbs, engaging in other restorative habits, and besides keeping a trusted circle of confidants, being one.

“Jesus came up and spoke to them. He said, 

‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go, therefore, make disciples of all nations; baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to observe all the commands I gave you. 

And look, I am with you always; yes, to the end of time.” 

– Matthew 28:18-20

Will the equipped, empowered, and energised Channahs seize the initiative and assume the reins to lead, starting with self in their regions across Kenya? It makes sense that Christ would find such a gracious ‌leader, a woman with a wealth of health, favored for His service. 

Go Forth Favoured Gracious Women of Prayer

The LORD seeks for His favored gracious women to know Him; in this, know themselves in Him. The ancient church was a praying church, a praying ministry; a praying community, and “the LORD was adding to their number one by one day by day.”

He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 

Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. 

– Luke 10:2 

Channah is a biblical name that derives from Hannah and means “God has favored me; graciousness” in ancient Hebrew. Hannah, wife to Elkanah, was the mother of Samuel (God has heard). “You will be able to tell them by their fruits”(Matthew 7:16). Will these equipped, empowered, and energised Channahs go forth in haste and take the mantle of leadership in their various regions across Kenya? 

 “You do not have 

because you do not ask.” 

James 4:2 

My prayer for you: May the Holy Spirit of God infuse you with fresh understanding in light of the knowledge; an awareness of who you are in God our Creator. As you become engulfed within in His renewed wisdom; gain fresh insights of who you are in God our Creator. You are liberated to serve; reflecting Who You Are in the vast mission field of Christ. 

“Go for the harvest. 

Move from Moab into Bethlehem.” 

– Wangari V.A.L.

May prayer be foundational to your life and the cornerstone as you go forth as graduated commissioned women and for the Channahs to come.

Yours in Sisterhood, V.A.L.


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