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     We are excited you’re thinking of booking a Clarity Accelerator Call with one of our TVM Coaches.

Our vision of activating minds at mastermind.co.ke is to help you bring to LIFE your life dream; get doing the full expression of you in body, mind, soul, and spirit. We are here as a container for your transformation; to support you, inspire you and believe in you through life’s journey as a 4-gas cylinder being; physical; intellectual; emotional; spiritual.

Transformational; your change and impact for the better: Value; the special type you create in the world and ability to communicate it: Momentum; stacking the decks in your favour.

There are a few pages in this call application, and answering the questions in full allows us to hit the ground running when we connect and give you the best possible support based on your situation.

Once you complete the application, just click the link on the final “Thank you” page to schedule your valuable up to 45-Minute Clarity Accelerator Call!

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